Grinding Wheels
These circular Grinding Wheels are available with excellent sharpness, high durability and efficient grinding capacity. They are developed using high-quality abrasive that never burn the work piece. They are available without any broken edge.
Cutting Wheels
These Cutting Wheels are designed using strong HHS high-speed-steel to ensure high durability. They are ideal to ensure correct, fast and precision cutting of copper, plastic, timber, fiberglass, aluminum and other materials.
Sharpening Stones
Sharpening Stones are designed using high-quality coarse materials for final honing, finishing or touch-ups. In addition to this, they are also ideal for removing nicks and developing a sharp edge on knives.
Fiber Disc
Fiber Disc is one of the most efficient grinding products developed using heavy-duty coated abrasive disc having a durable resin construction. This is widely used in different applications such as removing heavy stock, blending surfaces, etc.
Abrasive Flap Discs
These durable Abrasive Flap Discs are designed for iron, mild steel, metal, stainless steel, etc. They are light-in-weight and strong in construction to ensure to provide excellent mirror light effect without scratching the surface of the metal.
Abrasive Velcro Discs
Designed from high-quality flocking sandpaper, Abrasive Velcro Discs are used for polishing wooden bead and burnishing walls, furniture, etc. Moreover, they are also utilized in grinding solder joints, burrs, etc.
Depressed Center Wheels
Depressed Center Wheels are ideal for handling tough right angle grinding applications. They can be easily used on metal, masonry, etc. for cutting, grinding, chamfering edges, beveling and blending.
Honing Stick
Honing Stick is a sharpening stick designed from heavy-duty steel or ceramic coated steel. It is used for realigning blade edges with its flat, oval, or round shape in cross-section.
Rubbing Bricks
Rubbing Bricks are widely used in heavy-duty applications from rubbing floors, down concrete to cleaning castings. They are also ideal to scour castings as well as remove mold marks.
Abrasive Belts
These fully resin bonded Abrasive Belts are constant cloth belts ideal for heavy-duty use. They are highly durable, flexible and sturdy aluminum oxide sanding belts that can easily withstand wire-speed fast.
Non Woven Polishing Wheels
These sturdy and hard-wearing Non Woven Polishing Wheels are designed for buffing, cleaning and scuffing of surfaces. They are designed to work with excellent speed with minimum pressure and outstanding finishing.

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